Saturday, January 25, 2014

How Could This Happen Again???

What was I thinking? How could this happen? "What?" you might well ask. Well, I let another week of home school slip by with (it seems) very little getting done.

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  • We started reading Luke. We didn't read every day, but we read on three days. If I could remember my percentages, I'd tell you what an increase it is to go from 0:5 to 3:5, but my brain isn't functioning. I think it is this cold weather. 1/22 - 4.6 degrees.
  • Friday's plans (I'm writing this on Thursday) include 3rd reading from Luke and sinking of hymn(s).
Algebra I:
  • This is where I was really, really thinking, "How could this happen again?" I let days go by (three, to be precise) where my son said, "I did my math!", and yet I didn't look at it. Only to find, late Wednesday, that his version of doing his math means that he skips the word problems because it would require too much of him to figure them out. As if I didn't know that he does that. Always. At least I found out on Wednesday. 
  • So on Thursday we did the word problems from Wednesday, as well as doing the lesson for Thursday together. Sadly I have to confess that I could not actually DO the plotting on the graph of how the two perpendicular lines go on the graph (y=5/8x-3 and y=-8/5 + 4 or whatever, where they have negative reciprocals that are fractions. I don't get it.).
  • So so far our important algebraic equations that I'm trying to get him to memorize are:

Slope = y2- y1              and     y=mx+b        
               x2- x1             
 and                   slope = amount of change / length of change (or rise/run) 
  • JD watched extensive quantities of science videos and attempted to replicate them, mostly unsuccessfully. One was something to do with hydrogen peroxide, dawn and yeast; didn't work. Could be because the yeast was expired and the peroxide was old, or because JD didn't really have directions...
  • Lots of birdwatching. We're doing the Feederwatch Project with Cornell Univ. 25 robins descended upon our tree on the worst day of our snow. They came right up to our window. Also saw lots of chickadee, titmouse, cardinals, woodpeckers, junkos, house finch and house sparrows. Crows and geese also nearby but not in our yard.

  • Did a nature study experiment. Only managed to photograph part of it. Will probably redo it so I can blog it, which I was planning to do. Messed me up when I let my student take over. Homeschooling getting in the way of my blogging. Imagine!
  • 1001 Arabian Nights Entertainments. Continued our readings. Son is still enjoying this. What a pleasure that is for a change.
  • 1984, by George Orwell - I was reading this out loud, but yesterday I was falling asleep during the readings. Today I asked Miner to read to himself, and that smart little kid went instead to Youtube and found where it is read out loud in video. Awesome!
  • Men of Iron by Pyle.  Severely neglected this week. Need to get back to it.
  • Loefwine the Monk - started this week. Liking it so far.
  • No new progress.
  • Began work using Mango languages program on line. So far so good! My best success so far this week.
  • Neglected, except that the literature readings reinforce history. In defense of my narfy attitude and neglect of some subjects this week, public school had a holiday on Monday and was closed for snow on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as opened two hours late on Thursday, so I did pretty well when I consider that I could have just followed their schedule.
  • Hymn planned for Friday.
  • Neglected. Will try to do on Friday.
Phys Ed:
  • Miner continued work on his his Personal Fitness merit badge in Boy Scouts.
  • Will try to look at health on Friday on
Miner has been doing a lot of Minecraft. I have been decluttering and quilting. Also watched Atlas Shrugged while trying to keep warm. Here's the quilt I'm working on. My Mother-in-law made it. I'm finishing the hand quilting.
So that's how home school went at our house. How about yours?

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  1. It sounds like we both have sons at the same point in Algebra 1 and trying to pull off the same tricks. I went back and looked at past math assignments and found that one entire lesson had been torn out of the workbook (and hidden). I think he'll do better moving forward now that we're doing that lesson together instead of pretending it didn't exist.