Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Washington's Rules - #27

This week's rule is #27 - 

27thTis ill manners to bid one more eminent than yourself be covered as well as not to do it to whom it's due Likewise he that makes too much haste to Put on his hat does not well, yet he ought to Put it on at the first, or at most the Second time of being asked; now what is herein Spoken, of Qualification in behavior in Saluting, ought also to be observed in taking of Place, and Sitting down for ceremonies without Bounds is troublesome.

Is this really written in English? Excuse me?

Okay, I think I this reflects the levels of aristocracy in pre-revolution America. I believe I am understanding it to say that it is not appropriate to tell someone more important than yourself to cover himself up, nor to cover the person up yourself. (What does this mean? I'm not sure.)  Likewise it is inappropriate to put your hat on in too much of a hurry (indicating you are in a hurry to leave), or to take a long time to put your hat on if you are asked (to leave if you are asked). Don't make them ask you more than once. Salute when appropriate, but within reason.

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