Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cousins - Another Perspective

Cousins is an interesting topic of conversation in our house. My husband grew u p with two cousins. Two! Linda, below, and her brother Mark, whom I don't have a handy photo of.
His mother had one sister who married and had two children. His father had one sister who never married.

Hubby has difficulty understanding how someone could have cousins they don't know the names of. In my defense, the last time I saw this family was in 1970. One of the cousins hadn't even been born yet! So I've never met him, and the other three were ages seven and younger. I had a total of 12 cousins (with my brothers and sisters we were a group of 16 cousins).
   David, Rick and Brian
And all the cousins I don't have photos handy for Bob (brother to above three), Eddie and Kenny, Eric and Mark, and Uncle Larry's kids, Julie, Amy, Cheryl, and Michael.

To my husband that sounds like a lot. To me it does not. I mean, each of my grandmothers came from a family of 12 children! So my mom had... At least 33 cousins, with other aunts and uncles that may have had kids that I just haven't been able to track down yet on  So, yeah, I don't feel like I have soo many cousins.

But maybe I do. I mean, my own kids only have 9 cousins...
Keri, Jenni and David (above, at Jenni's Wedding);

  Julie (left) and her brother Jared (below, with his dad, my husband's brother, Mike);

Crystal, on the left, and then one of Crystal at age 5 with her brother Joshua on right. Now one of Joshua as a grown up, with his daughter on his shoulders:
(The other two cousins' parents don't have the kids photos on their Facebook pages, so I'm certainly not going to post them here...)
So how many cousins do you have?

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