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"Efraimson" Generations 1, 2, 3, 4 - ( Palvalehto )

I have new updated information on this family tree, and it is the information here at the top above the designation "Efraimson 1"

Our Farthest-Back Records:
The farthest back my records go right now on our family history are as follows:
Matts M. Palvalehto (born in 1768 in Finland) married Walborg Heickila (1763-1832 in Finland)
Children of Matts and Walborg Palvalehto:
  • Johan Michaelis Palvalehto (1788 in Finland);
  • Johannes Palvalehto (1791 in Finland);
  • Abraham Palvalehto (1793 in Finland);
  • Maria Palvalehto (1800 in Finland);
  • Walborg Palvalehto (1802, female, in Finland);
  • Anna Palvalehto (1804 - 1857, in Finland); and
  • Matthias Palvalehto (1806 in Finland).
Johan, firstborn above, is the same as the Johan in Efraimson 1 below. 

Efraimson 1

My family history that I have tracked down on the Efraimson family tree begins in 1788, with the birth of Johan Michaelis Palvalehto (my 5x-great-grandfather)  in Finland.
That's all I have on him -- not an exact date of birth, not where he was born... nothing about mother or father or siblings... No photo, no painting, no drawing...

Beyond that I do, however, have that he married Catharina Matthia "Carin" Pulckinen, also born in Finland, and they married in Finland and...

Efraimson 2
In about 1808 Carin gave birth to Johan Palvalehto (my great-great-great-great-grandfather). My records do not have a middle name, so I don't know if he would be considered a "Jr." (as in "Johan Michaelis Palvelehto, Jr.) or not. I also do not have any information on siblings, although it would be very rare for a couple in this time era to have only one child. I do not have any information on "Carin"s birth or death -- so I don't know if she died in childbirth, but my thought is that if she had died when Johan had been born, it would have been hard for Johan to survive.

Johan grew up, and he married Brita Henricksdatter (no information on birth or death years). My information shows three children (See "Efraimson 3").

Efraimson 3
The children born to Johan and Brita Palvalehto were born at the following times:
  • Efraim (my great-great-great-grandfather) was born 17 March, 1830 in Oulu, Finland (Johan would have been 22, so it is possible the other three are wrong and that Efraim is the first born);
  • Maria was born 17 January 1833 in Oulu, Finland (Johan would have been 25);
  • Caisa was born 28 August 1834 in Oulu, Finland.
Efraimson 4
Efraim, (Johan's and Brita Palvalehto's son) grew up and married Brita Kaisa Simonsson on 23 March 1855, in Oulu, Finland. Then children began to arrive:
  • Margretta (Greta) Palvalehto was born in Oulu, Finland 8 June 1856 (and lived til 1 March 1920, having emigrated to South Dakota).
  • John Palvalehto (my great-great-grandfather) was born November, 1858 (and lived until 16 March 1938, having emigrated to South Dakota in 1880).

  • Mary Palvalehto was born about 1860 in Oulu, Finland.
  • Kate Palvalehto was born about 1865 in Oulu, Finland.
  • Efraim Palvalehto was born about 1870 in Oulu, FInland.
  • A sixth child was also born at sometime and died. This information is acquired through census questions that ask Brita "Number of children born: 6; Number of children still living: 5"
While in Finland, John Palvalehto married Liisa Kaisa Alavesi 

The 4th and 5th generations of this family make this history so much fun.  Here's why. Read this informative blub about Efraim and Brita Palvalehto and their children, their emmigration, their filing for land, and the fun name changes that took place as a result:

Hamlin County History

So, in other words, Homestead Office asked dad Efraim what his last name was. Efraim said, "Palvalehto". Homestead Officer replied that wouldn't do and said, "What's your father's name?" Efraim said, "John". Officer said, "Your name will be Efraim Johnson; change everyone's last name." So, living at home were now Efraim and Brita Johnson and the younger kids, Mary Johnson and Efraim Johnson.

But by this time Margretta, Katie and John were adults. John filed for a homestead, and a similar conversation occured. "What's your name?" "John Palvalehto." "That won't do. What's your father's name?"  "Efraim Palvalehto." "Okay, from now on, your name will be John Efraimson." And hence sprung my branch of the Efraimson family tree. Note, John Efraimson's dad and brother are both now named Efraim Johnson. 

Efraimson 5

While in Finland, John and Liisa ("Lissie") Palvalehto had:
  • Briita Marie Palvalehto in January 1879;
Then, in 1880, with a newborn, and Lissie pregnant, they emmigrated to America and headed to Lake Norden, Hamlin, South Dakota, where there were other Finns. I think this is also when John's parents Efraim and Brita Palvalehto emigrated to Lake Norden, Hamlin, SD. There John and Lissie Palvalehto changed their name, as mentioned above, and Brita became Brita Marie Efraimson. John and Lissie Efraimson had the rest of their family in Lake Norden, Hamlin, South Dakota:
  • Alfred Efraimson, my great grandfather, was born 10 September 1880. This photo is Alfred, in 1960, with me, Alfred, aged 80, and me, aged 18 months:

  • John Efraimson was born in September, 1881. He never married and worked on various farms in the Lake Norden, SD area as a hired hand (date of death not known):
  • Andrew Efraimson was born 28 March 1884 (Died 16 Apr 1959 in Jefferson, Montana):
Andrew married Aina Alina Oksa, and they had children, but in this post I will follow Alfred's geneology.
  • Anton Efraimson was Andrew's twin. He grew up, married, and had children; I don't know when he died.
  • Hilda Josephine Efraimson was born 14 Feb 1886. She died 1 October 1930 in Devil's Lake, ND. I have no other information on her.
  • Emelia Kaisa Efraimson was born 30 Nov 1887. She lived til 19 September 1958. I have no other information about her.
  • Hilma Anna Efraimson was born 24 March 1890, and lived until 24 March 1967. She married Jacob Juntunen, and together they had six children, but I won't cover that here.
  • Arvid Alexander Efraimson was born 28 December 1891 and died a baby, 22 September 1892.
  • Carl Hjalmer Efraimson was Arvid's twin, born 28 December 1891.  photo (That's two sets of twins, in case you aren't paying attention!) He went by Hjalmer. He grew up and married Jenny Elizabeth Koistenen, and together they had five children, but I won't cover them here.
  • Hendrick William Efraimson (Willie) was born 12 February 1894. I don't see documentation of Willie past age 5, but that doesn't mean anything conclusive.
  • Sophia Wilhelmina Efraimson was born 15 January 1896 and lived until 22 May 1966. I don't have information about her marrying or anything.
  •  Esther Alexsandra Efraimson was born 10 January 1899 and lived until 13 April 1979. She married Abraham Koistinen, and together they had five children.
So, by my count John and Liisa Efraimson had 13 children, one of whom died in infancy.

This is where I will end this section of the Efraimson family tree. In my next geneology entry I will focus on the next layer of the geneology, "Efraimson 5", the children of Alfred Efraimson, my branch of the tree.

If you have anything you can add to my information -- offspring I don't know of, or spouses, corrections or photos, I welcome your input. Please leave a comment or send me an email.

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