Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Summer Update

So, normally I would have posted a Menu Monday yesterday. Hmmm.... Okay, I just couldn't keep up the facade this week. Fact is, I'm not cooking this week.

The lad got back from his Civil Air Patrol trip to Space Command Familiarization Course on Sunday night... with a puppet!

I, meanwhile, have been recovering from foot surgery, which is why I am not cooking and not meal planning.

Hubby just put together a very loose idea of what the guys would eat (Chinese, hot dogs, chili from the freezer, etc.). Rather than be stressed trying to put together a Menu Monday blog entry about it, I decided to just skip it.

While recuperating I finished a knitted baby hat to donate to my favorite charity, Online Angels (in Pottsville, PA).
So son and I are working this week on his college applications. He's going to do the IEW SAT Essay Intensive (from High School Essay Intensive), and he's working on math review.

In the product review arena, currently using in our home:
No Nonsense Algebra,

Reign of Terror, 

and The Everyday Family Chore System.

So that's about it for my current update. What's going on in your home this summer?

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