Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Menu Monday for 7/10/2017

Running late again. Don't even have a really good excuse - well, maybe it IS a good excuse to say I had a lot to do yesterday. I already had the menu planned; I just didn't get it posted.

Summer. Another light week for us. Sunday night both my guys were out of town, and I ate Jenny Craig food. We had agreed in advance that the guys would eat pizza when they got home Monday at dinner time. I'm cooking Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but then Friday the lad leaves for ten days for a Civil Air Patrol summer program, Air Force Space Command Familiarization program, and it is just me and the hubby, and I'm eating Jenny Craig. Cooking for one, and not eating what I cook - it makes me feel like it is an old drug store diner counter... Anyway, here's this week's plan.

Saturday (7/8) (Pampered Chef Party): leftovers/chicken carbonara, green beans

Sunday (7/9):  Home-style Pot Roast, carrots

Monday (7/10): Pizza/Pizza Bites, cucumber salad

Tuesday (7/11) (CAP senior squadron): Ravioli, salad, TX toast

Wednesday (7/12): barbecued chicken (freezer), broccoli, buttered noodles

Thursday (7/13) (CAP):  fish and chips, cole slaw

Friday (7/14):  Dinner out

Saturday (7/15): leftovers


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