Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Menu Monday for 7/31/17

I'm running late posting this, but at least I have a menu plan this week. Sorry, no recipe links.

The lad is out of town and won't eat dinner with us until Wednesday. The only seafood he likes is salmon. I'm using the days when he's away to sneak in some seafood hubby and I like but seldom prepare since son doesn't like them. Here's the plan:

Saturday (7/29): steak subs

Sunday (7/30):  shrimp scampi, kale, rice

Monday (7/31): Chicken Carbonara, mixed vegetables, brown rice

Tuesday (8/1): seared scallops, bok choy, corn bread

Wednesday (8/2): “Almost KFC”, broccoli, mashed potatoes

Thursday (8/3) (CAP):  sizzleburgers, noodles, squash

Friday (8/4):  Balsamic Salmon, Almond green beans, noodles


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