Monday, March 20, 2017

Menu Monday for 3/20/17

Another week down! As I write this page, it is the first day of Spring! We made it through winter! Yay!

At my Jenny Craig weigh-in on Thursday I had lost 1.6 pounds for the week! Good week. As I write this I am half-way into the new week (weigh-in wise), and it is not going as well. We'll have to see if I can pull it back together adequately to lose again by weigh-in.

This week will be a unique week for me cooking-wise. One night out at a restaurant, one night out at a dinner/annual meeting, and then son and hubby away for five days (bleeding into next week). I will only cook twice! Other than that, I'll eat leftovers. I will NOT cook for one person (me) with all the individual meals I have stored in the freezer.

So, as unhelpful as this will probably be to any reader, here is my plan for this week:

Saturday (3/19):  leftovers

Sunday (3/20):  Dinner Out

Monday (3/21) (Boy Scouts):  pan fried chicken breasts, broccoli, rice

Tuesday (3/22): spaghetti & meatballs, salad, TX toast (spaghetti squash)

Wednesday (3/23) (MCAF Annual Dinner Meeting): leftovers

Thursday (3/24)(CAP): leftovers

Friday (3/25):  leftovers

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  1. I miss my husband when he's away, but I LOVE having fewer dishes to wash. I hope the rest of your week goes as you hope!