Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Wrap-up for 2017 Week 9

Just for fun, I thought I'd start with an old photo. The above photo is from 2002. Now my "baby" is 17, has his license, is in Civil Air Patrol, and a week ago he completed his Eagle Project in Boy Scouts.
My oldest lives 2000 miles away now, so no complete family photo to show the passage of time.

Busy days we have during Junior Year. My student is taking Spanish I and Sociology at the community college. We've been working on Geometry at home, and ACT preparation, as well as Accuplacer preparation. We've been looking at colleges and scheduling visits.

In less than two weeks my boy and I will visit Patrick Henry College.

One week later my boy and my husband will visit University of Arizona. One week later the lad and I will visit University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Five days later we hit a college fair. Two days later he takes his ACT.

So many possible colleges. Need to determine priorities -- is a Christian college more important, or one with AF ROTC (and why are there no colleges that fit both requirements). One hour from home? Or two? Or 2000 miles? BS or BA? Computers or Government? So many things to decide.

So we are busy here, wading through spring of junior year. How is your school year going?

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