Monday, October 17, 2016

Menu Monday for 10/17/16

Something new in menu planning this week...

I started 2016 with the wish to lose all my excess weight and go from "overweight" to a range where I am a proper weight for my height. Sadly, in April (at my physical) I learned that, with aging and osteoporosis in my spine, I have lost some of my height. Being even shorter means I need to weigh even less. ::sigh::

So earlier in the year I lost weight following The Bone Broth Diet and kept most of it off. I followed that by some time following the Total Wellness Cleanse and lost some more weight. Since then I've done some paleo guidelines, but some weight crept back on because I was indulging in Starbucks and desserts.

Some weight has crept back on. So I had a conversation with hubby, and we decided I would take up the Jenny Craig Introductory offer (that expires 10/28) for 20 pounds in 15 weeks for $20. When you start, you eat Jenny Craig food mostly, to which you add vegetables, some fruit, and Greek yogurt. So the food you have to buy for one person costs more than $600 a month! That's more than my entire budget for three! And then I still buy more fruit, veggies and yogurt. Expensive!

But it is for a season and to reach a goal. Truth be told I'd really like to lose a total of 35-40 pounds total, but I'll get into range-for-my-height weight in less than 20. To make my life easier, since I still have to cook for my family, most nights I'll make for them a version of what I'm eating myself. So without any further ado, here's this week's plan:

Saturday (10/15):  Mini meatoaves, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts

Sunday (10/16):  chicken pot pie, salad

Monday (10/17)(Court of Honor):  fish sticks, French Fries, baby carrots

Tuesday (10/18):  turkey cutlets or breast, mashed potatoes, green beans

Wednesday (10/19):  tacos, salad

Thursday (10/20)(CAP): fiesta chicken and rice

Friday (10/21):  butternut squash ravioli, salad

Saturday (10/15):  pot roast and vegetables

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