Monday, October 3, 2016

Menu Monday for 10/3/16

Ah... The weather has turned. I am in my long sleeved T-shirts with my fleece jacket over that. My fingers are cold, my toes are cold... It is time for those autumn recipes to come out!  
I am sure I will lose steam as the days and weeks go by, but I had a lot of fun putting this week's plans together. I've been working with recipes from this past month. This week I just had to pull out some of my own loved and missed winter recipes, but using the concept of getting meals prepared and bagged in advance, ready to plop out and cook for dinner each night.

On Saturday I got the big batch of chili made and froze half of it. I actually use my own recipe and will try to post it tomorrow. Then, on Saturday, I also got two chickens cut up and bagged. I prepared one bag as Honey-Glazed Chicken and the other bagged as Chicken Teriyaki (but I still need to add minced ginger to the Chicken Teriyaki). I served the Honey-Glazed Chicken (baked at 350 for 1 hour) on Sunday.

I messed up by not including necessary ingredients on my shopping list for Broccoli Cheddar Soup for tonight, but still have time to pull it off. If I need more time I can do the enchiladas a day early. So Wednesday's meal is already ready. Still need to shop for the rest of the week, but here's the plan:

Saturday (10/1):  grandma’s chili, salad, cornbread

Sunday (10/2):  honey-glazed chicken, broccoli, rice

Monday (10/3):  cheddar broccoli soup in bread bowls, salad

Tuesday (10/4):  enchiladas, tortilla chips, salad

Wednesday (10/5):  teriyaki dump chicken, noodles, Brussel sprouts

Thursday (10/6)(CAP):  Reuben sandwiches

Friday (10/7)(Care Group):  salmon, sweet potatoes, green beans

Saturday (10/8):  beef stew, rolls, salad 

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