Tuesday, June 21, 2016

When Menu Planning goes Awry - 6/20/16

Menu Plan Monday for the week of May 23rd - recipe links plus menu planning inspiration including a free knife skills course for kids

So Monday is when I usually post the menu plan. Um... That was yesterday. Missed it.

Totally off this week. Weekend was too busy -- don't even have the whole week planned. Did not shop - shopping as we need to. Just one of those weeks.

So it looks like this:

Plans went awry, the clock sped too quickly. No shopping and no time to cook, we ended up with pizza.

We had beef shish kabobs over rice, corn on the cob, fresh veggies.

We're having Reuben sandwiches with chips.

Soup, salad with chicken ("Souper Soup" from the freezer), Texas toast

Rotisserie  chicken, broccoli, egg noodles maybe

Friday and Saturday are not figured out. Well, really, the rotisserie chicken will probably be Friday and then we need to figure out Thursday. Just one of those weeks.

Not very healthy either. That is part of what happens when you don't have time to plan, shop or cook. That's real life, folks. Just one of those weeks. (Sorry for being so redundant. It's my mantra for the week. ::sigh;:)

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