Friday, June 24, 2016

The Year in Pictures

A blog friend, Kym, blogged her year in pictures. I thought that was such a good idea and wanted to do it too, so here goes!

School started the day after Labor Day, 2015.

My plans were written in my Apologia planner.

 My mantle was weighted down with most of our books... 
We started the year strong with our various subjects. 
  • daily (or fairly regular) Bible reading; 
  • Apologia Chemistry;

  • BJU Algebra 2
  •  When Worlds Collide for English Literature and Composition;
  •  Tapestry of Grace for History;
  •  BJU Spanish I;
  • and an eclectic approach to music, art, physical education and health.
It didn't take us long to crash and burn on this Spanish. It is not a program a non-Spanish speaker can teach to a non-Spanish speaker.
We worked on Chemistry times...
 My cadet stayed active in the Civil Air Patrol.
He supported CAP at Joint Base Andrews open house (in an eagle costume);
 and Wreaths Across America (no photo) in December, St. Patrick's Day Parade,
rocket launches,
local fitness days, banquet, field trips, and lots of weekly meetings.
As a Boy Scout, my teen has earned all necessary merit badges and is working to figure out an Eagle project (required to attain Eagle rank).
We saw the beach in September,
leaves in October,
a big birthday in November, Christmas in December,
big snows in January,
new dual enrollment college days in February,
  braces off in March,
as well as a dead Honda and a new Toyota,
lots of rain in April, end of ENGL 101 with a B in May, rocket launches in April, May and June,
and now preparing for Tri-Wing Encampment on Sunday.
It's been a long year, and I didn't take enough photos, but I tried!


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  1. So cool to see that my post inspired yours! ;-) Great photo summary of your year!