Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Recent Life in Review

It's been a while since I did a "weekly" update, so I thought it was time.

As May came to a close, my student heaved a relieved sigh to be done with his English 101 course at the local community college. His grade was a good one. Not bad for a 10th grader enrolled in dual enrollment!

His time spent keeping up with his college class did cause his other studies to have less time spent than I would have preferred. So, while most home schools are gearing up for different activities for the duration of the summer, my student and I see school work stretching out before us. The subjects not yet complete are 19th Century History, Algebra 2 and Chemistry.

The Boy Scout Troop celebrated an Eagle Court of Honor, welcoming four scouts to the rank of Eagle.

The troop end of year Court of Honor occurred a couple of weeks later, and my Scout received the last merit badge he needed to get to Eagle. Now he needs to find and do an Eagle Project in the community.

As a Civil Air Patrol Cadet, my SRA was signed up for and rained out of yet another flight. Six and 0 so far. He'll get off the ground some day. My husband signed up to participate with CAP as a senior member and got all his uniforms in order. He has already ranked up his first level as a CAP Officer. 

The squadron split up on Memorial Day. The Color Guard served at a local Flags for Heroes event.

Others recruited sponsorships for Wreaths Across America in December.

Our squadron had its end of year banquet.

Dad got an award. We had a cake.
 The cadet is getting ready for TriWing Encampment and got a military haircut.
He also just got a phone call setting up a summer job internship interview at a local food store. After encampment he plans to take driver's education. Busy, busy!

Well, there is probably more I am forgetting, but I guess that will do it for now. How is your summer shaping up so far?

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  1. Very busy - our summer will be the same! Congrats to your CAP cadet and senior member! Great pictures from Memorial Day. Too bad my cadet isn't going to Tri-Wing this year or they could get acquainted. Thanks for linking up at the High School Lesson Book!