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World History Detective, Book 1 - A TOS Crew Review

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I was recently offered the opportunity to receive World History Detective Book 1 to use with my son and review for The Critical Thinking Co.
Critical Thinking Company Review
World History Detective is a beautiful 362-page softcover consumable textbook for students in grades 6 - 12+. Completion of the book in one-year is sufficient to count as one World History or Ancient History credit for high school.
Critical Thinking Company Review

World History Detective contains 78 lessons that focus on ancient and medieval civilizations. Lessons contain an informative reading selection for the student followed by a section of multiple choice questions, a concept map, short essay questions, timelines, mapwork, vocabulary development, and methods to develop critical thinking in the students.

When I first expressed interest in reviewing the World History Detective book, my son and I were in the Middle Ages in our studies. I had thought we would locate the place in the book closest to what we were studying and jump in there. When the book actually arrived and I started looking at it, there was so much Ancient History material we had never covered that it was difficult to stick with my original plan. There was just so much good stuff!

The Table of Contents shows you all the wonderful lessons. The same link will show you some sample material if you scroll down. In addition to a section at the front explaining the material to the teacher, there is a section at the back of the book with answers to the questions. This was helpful to us, not only for me checking my son's work. There were a couple of times when neither my son nor I knew what the answer was supposed to be. [My student does not like to be featured in my blog's photos. ::sigh::]

During the review period, we (not ideal) hopped around in the curriculum to get a flavor of lessons on various time periods. Most of the lessons we did together, but the material is totally suitable for independent work at his level.  He is in 9th grade. It was very easy for him to understand what was expected of him. Lesson 2 is on "Prehistory to Neanderthal's". We believe the Bible teaches history differently than this, but it is a good idea discuss this alternate view with your students to prepare them to defend their perspective when they are outside the home, particularly when they leave to attend college.

I really liked the way the "Fertile Crescent" was covered. It gave me clarity. I also liked the way periodic pages displayed the timeline for the material being covered in the current lesson.

We want to thank The Critical Thinking Co. for permitting us to review World History Detective Book 1. My son, however, did not like the format. The method used, of answering multiple choice questions and then listing sentence(s) that support the answer, was not a method my son could work with well. It is not his learning style, and for him these assignments were tedious and painful. We've always tended toward the Charlotte Mason Method--this book was too different for us.

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