Monday, March 9, 2015

Menu Monday for 3/9/14

Here is my week's menu plan for my vegan/carnivore blended family. My main carnivore got a little "meat hungry", so more meats this week. Making vegan meals every night is sooo much work! So this week I'm trying to strategically use freezer vegan leftovers for the vegan on nights when the main menu plan is designed around meat. Here's the plan:

Saturday (3/7):
Mushroom Barley soup from freezer, salad, whole grain bread

Sunday (3/8):
Hot dogs/beans, carrots, potato chips (Fields Roast frankfurter – vegan)

Monday (3/9):
Ravioli, sauce, garlic bread, salad (vegan macaroni and not cheese)

Tuesday (3/10):
Barley and sweet potato pilaf (FOK page 245), asparagus

Wednesday (3/11):
Chicken pot pie, salad, rolls (leftovers from Tuesday night)

Thursday (3/12):
Ham steak, scalloped potatoes, green beans (leftover Mushroom/Barley soup from Saturday)

Friday (3/13):
Home style lentil soup, salad, whole grain bread

Saturday (3/14):

FoK = Forks Over Knives

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