Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Upcoming Reviews I Will Be Sharing With You!

I am so excited about the review materials I am currently working on, and I wanted to clue you in so you will watch for the reviews that will be coming down the road. [By the way, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Homeschool Review Crew will soon be accepting applications for folks to apply to be reviewers -- what I do!]

My son is in 9th Grade, and we are currently teaching to graduation requirements in our state, as well as teaching to college entrance requirements.(I also teach Bible as a requirement of the umbrella I am a member of.) I am going to show you how the Homeschool Review Crew is providing materials for us right now, my current and past reviews, such that I could homeschool without spending a penny if I like and continue with materials we review.

Here are our subjects and materials we are reviewing that teach to these subjects:

1) Bible:
  • If He Had Not Come:
  • iWitness books: iWitness Archeology, iWitness Old Testament and iWitness New Testament, by Apologia. 
2. Algebra I:
  • IXL Algebra I
  • Standard Deviants 
3. Biology:
  • Standard Deviants; 
  •     New Liberty Videos: Teaching Origins Objectively
  • Fascinating Education (picture shows Chemistry review) 

4) English:
  • Composition
  1. Fortuigence: Rock Star Essay  
  2. Standard Deviance Accelerate: Composition
  • Literature:
  1. For the Temple Recorded book by Jim Hodges Productions 
    2. Other recent reviews - Veritas Press; Moving Beyond the Pages; Roman Roads Epics, etc.
  • Grammar: 
  1. Fix It! Grammar, just posted yesterday;
  2.  IXL  
5. Social Studies/History
  •  :Standard Deviants American History  
6. French - Middlebury Languages  

So, what do you think?

Let me list it another way in case I missed anything. Here are my upcoming reviews:

1) Apologia iWitness book series;

2) Fortuigence Rock Star Essay course;

3) David Nicholson: If He Had Not Come;

4) Jim Hodges Productions: For the Temple

5) Fascinating Education: Fascinating Biology

6) New Liberty Videos: Teaching Origins Objectively

7) Middlebury Languages: French

8) Standard Deviants: American History, Biology, Algebra, English Composition

9) IXL Algebra I and Language Arts 8

Watch for my upcoming reviews! And watch for The Schoolhouse Review Crew to announce that they are accepting new applications.

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