Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Few Special Items for your Attention - 10/1/14

My Wednesday post was once slated to be "Wednesday Words", and I was posting George Washington's Rules and a translation into English for the 2010's. I was not getting comments. I don't think anyone cared. I don't know if anyone was reading those posts. I did not get all the way through his Rules.

So, here's a small glimmer into me. I watch for comments from my readers. I really do! I don't mind not getting comments on most of my posts, especially when I know they have value. I know we read a lot of posts and don't have time to comment on everything. I get it. But please know: I read all of your comments! They make my day!

So if there is something you like or don't like, send me a comment or an email. I will take your point of view to heart. Honest.
So I toyed with the idea of making Wednesday's post a nature post: Wednesday's Walk or something catchy. The thing is, I live in suburbia. I don't come by my own nature photos easily. The thought of having 52 posts for the next year on a new nature find each week seems unattainable.

This morning it seemed the Lord was impressing on my heart that it might be a place for me to share "gems", when I have any. I was impressed that way because of a gem in my inbox this morning. I will try to add to the first one before I post, but this morning's gem (click on over and read it) is a post by Time Warp Wife:

Amy Puetz: Amy's Corner: Self-Sacrificing Heroines - Click here.

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