Sunday, September 8, 2013

Update on Life

Well, my blog was pretty quiet this week. I never got my menu plan posted, so I'll post two weeks tomorrow. Here's how things went:

Sunday: My dear #2 child got married. It was a wonderful day. I have no photos to post of my own, so I'll borrow one from another source:
Barn wedding. She's dancing with her dad, and she's absolutely gorgeous!

Monday: My sister that lives with us had a medical emergency. We had to have her transported by ambulance. She's okay now; came home Tuesday.

Tuesday: We could see that our sweet Milly was not doing well. Made a vet appointment for first thing in the morning.

Wednesday: Milly was unable to void. Her history suggested UTI, but there was none today. Examination revealed an (for her age) inoperable internal tumor. They voided her by needle aspiration. We were perscribed medications to see if it would enable her to continue her life peacefully at home until there would be a quiet end.

Thursday: By bedtime it was clear that Milly still could not void, and she was absolutely miserable. We took her to the vet ER and they voided her by needle aspiration. We went home planning to attempt a catheter to enable her to void until she could end a quiet, natural death at home. 

Friday: Milly was anesthetized and for three hours two different vets and all their techs tried to get a catheter in, but the blockage was too great. Reluctantly they brought us the news. They voided her by needle aspiration and permitted us to take Milly home to say good bye to the family. Unfortunately bride daughter could not say good bye. What sad news to receive while on your honeymoon. Milly was HER dog. She's been with us since 1/1/00. ::sigh::

Saturday: We returned to the vet and had to say our final good bye to our sweet girl. A sad week. Thank you for prayers for my kids, especially the sweet bride.

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