Sunday, September 29, 2013

Think Back Thursday - Milly

This is a difficult post for me to write, but I wanted to put together a photo montage to remember my sweet dog Milly by.

To begin with, though, I must mention that our home had just welcomed another new arrival one month before Milly:
Then, 13-1/2 years ago, on 1/1/00, our little ball of fluff entered our lives. Received on the millenium, we named her "Millenium", "Milly" for short.
B-girl (on the right) decided her name was "Milly Belle". Milly grew quickly, and with attitude. 

Milly actually decided it was in question as to whether she or B-girl was "Alpha". Training became necessary. First Milly trained with daddy at Dog Sense, and then she trained with B-girl through 4-H. B-girl and Milly became best friends, and Milly came to love training and showing. She became a Grand Champion many times over in both showing and agility.

When Milly arrived, B-girl was 10. The years went by. They were in the 4-H Dog Club until B-girl graduated and "aged out" of 4-H. Then B-girl went to college - for five years! And still Milly was there for her, giving her constant love and unimaginable joy! 

B-girl graduated and began her working years. The years had aged Milly, but she was still just a 2-year old puppy in her head, ready to jump and dance whenever B-girl wanted to play.  Bailey had joined us when Milly was 2 years old. She was here when he arrived, and she was here when he crossed over Rainbow Bridge. She seemed pleased to be the only puppy in our lives again, but our hearts ached over the loss of Bailey.
 So we searched, and one day we brought home Cody.
 She welcomed him grudgingly, but was willing to share her floor.
 Photos of B-girl still usually had Milly close by (like this messy Christmas morning photo).
 I loved our Milly, too.
 But time was ticking, and bad things were growining inside her that we did not know about.

B-Girl got married! And while she was away on her honeymoon trip, Milly's end came. We wanted to postpone it so B could say, "Good bye! I love you! I'll always love you!" But Rainbow Bridge wouldn't wait, and we had to convey the message for her. We love you, Milly. Play nicely with Bailey, and we'll see you when we cross over later on. We'll never forget you.

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