Sunday, September 15, 2013

Friday Wrap Up - 9/13/13

This seemed like a pretty good week. We are still ramping up for the new school year. With Milly's illness last week, last week was shot as a good "first week". We have all been emotional wrecks this week, so considering that, I figure what we got done was very good.

Not done every day, but assignments completed as they came up in America the Beautiful.

We're working our way through Videotext Online - Algebra, a Complete Course. I will be writing a review of the product in a few weeks. What I am really liking right now is the way the course is set up so that if the student understands, you move forward, but if the students isn't "getting it", you bump back, review, rework and retest. Perfect. The main struggle for me is in the daily checking of quizzes and worketext pages.

We have started Physical Science this week, not perfectly, but still I am pleased. A lot of the Physical Science experiments are available online (Youtube), which is great. We really couldn't round up the materials for the first experiment and would have stayed stuck there if not for the online video. We watched it and moved on. Still trying to help on be more indepently-minded, but I keep having to "spoon feed" certain subjects to him.

Social Studies
Working our way through America the Beautiful, he covered four lessons (more or less) this week, with which I was relatively satisfied. We're trying to increase his independence, but I'm trying to figure out how to balance that with checking his work and holding him accountable for completing assignments (vs. saying he's done when he has actually skipped stuff).

Began work on a biography of Jim Elliot, and was kind of amused/dismayed when my son insisted Equador is in Mexico... He was being difficult at the time(s) we were working on this this week.

PHYS ED: Did some walking; nothing major. Not keeping track yet. Possible starting 90-Day Physical Fitness Challenge shortly..

HEALTH, Art, Music: No work done this week.

So that's it so far. Still recovering from the loss of our sweet Milly girl (our dog that we adopted when my son was a month old, Milly was a month old). Milly, we look forward to loving on you again when we get to heaven... 

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