Friday, February 8, 2013

TOS Homeschool Crew

If you have been reading my blog a while, you probably know that I review products (chiefly) for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Schoolhouse Review Crew.  I mention it here because the new review year is about to get underway. I do not get to review all the products that are reviewed by the crew partly because I can only review products that are appropriate for my 7th Grade son's age, and partly because there are only so many hours in the day and I cannot possibly review everything!

That said, I wanted to let you know about reviews that will soon be available for you to see on the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog:

Apologia Elementary-level Sciences (beginning today, 2/8/13);

Flowering Baby (2/13);

Classical Academic Press: Song School Spanish and God's Geat Covenant Old Testament (2/15);

Handwriting Without Tears (2/18);

 A+ Tutorsoft (2/20);

College Common Sense (2/25);

Abraham's Journey (2/27);

Lone Star Learning (3/1);

Artistic Pursuits (3/6);

EGM Educational Systems (3/8);

TouchMath (3/11);

Essentials in Writing (3/13);

Classical Academic Press: Poetry/Logic (3/18);

Adventus (3/20)

The ones highlighted in blue are ones I will be reviewing. I'm SO excited to get all these neat products to tell you about, so I hope you'll watch for my reviews. If you want to see a review of a product I'm not reviewing, don't forget to visit the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog.

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