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Carrie Jickells Hall

Disclaimer to my readers: Please pardon the detail in today's entry. I have relatives who want the nitty gritty details to be passed on, and I am using this venue to help them get the photos and know who is who in the photos. Thanks.

My Great-Grandmother, Carrie Jickells (maiden name) was my paternal grandfather's mother (my father's father's mother.  Geneologically she seems to have come from no where.  I found record of her birth, April 1880, in Hull, Yorkshire, East Riding, in England, but no listing of her parents or siblings.

I found documentation that she married in Scullcoates, England in April, 1900 - She was older than her husband, my great-grandfather, Herbert (aged 19), who was a Bricklayer for Parker (employer). For the 1900 census, they were living in Hull, Yorkshire, East Riding, in England. , and she was 20 and he was 19. 

I cannot find a past for her beyond a certain point (an I have one photo of her that maybe is her, her mother, and my grandfather and his brother Bob (Robert William), but I don't know if I will ever know for sure, and I don't know if I will ever know the names of Carrie's parents.
The front, left, is my grandfather, Herbert Hall, Jr.; seated to his right is his younger brother, Robert (this is the only photo I have of Robert, who died young). Behind Herbert is Carrie, his mother, and to the right of Carrie is Carrie's mother. Above photo from about 1930.
In 1901, the England Census shows that Carrie, aged 20, was already married to my great-grandfather, Herbert (aged 19), who was a Bricklayer for Parker (employer). They lived in York, Hull.

I located one document showing she entered Canada in 1921, was not with family members, may have been traveling with a Thomas Roger Hawkins. She had been in Canada before, in 1913, for 7 years. (Did this actually mean that she had originally arrived in Canada in 1913? It is unclear.)
I wish I could have someone to tell me about this photograph! But it is clear to me that the 3rd from the left is Carrie. Later, her daughter Carrie Hall looks just like her! The above photo looks like it was taken about 1905. In my imagination, the 2nd from the left is her mother, the far right is her father, and the rest are siblings. But it is just so hard to tell. Farthest to the right, or the one to his left, they both look older to me. ::sigh::
I find that in 1924 my Great Grandma Carrie made a trip from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to the United States, enterring at Buffalo, NY. Carrie (Sr.) was 43 years old, and was accompanied by her daughter (designated "Carrie, Jr." on the manifest), aged 17 and her son Robert William, aged 15 years, 9 months. Their destination was Washington, DC., and their nearest closest relative in Hamilton, Ontario was Carrie (Sr.)'s oldest son, Herbert, who lived at 62 Straton Street, Hamilton, Ontario. (Why didn't she list her husband? Was he already in the United States? So many questions...) 

After their time in Hamilton, Carrie and Herbert moved south, emigrated to the United States, and settled in Greenbelt, MD, as did their adult son, Herbert Jr. and their adult daughter, Carrie, Jr. (who married Ray Tomlinson and had two children, June and John). The photo above was taken at the home of Herbert Jr., 28B Ridge Road, Greenbelt, MD. I can practically see Carrie rolling her eyes as her husband shows off on the motorcycle. Her son, Herbert Jr., is seated in the middle, and Herbert Jr.'s middle son, Robert, is standing in the background.
This photo is Carrie Hall (Sr.); left, Dora Elaine (Morris) Hall (wife of Herbert Hall, Jr.), middle; and Carrie Hall Tomlinson, right.  See the resemblance of Carrie Hall, Jr. to the above photo that I think is 1905? Maybe it actually IS Great-Aunt Carrie and not Great Grandmother Carrie, I just don't know. 
Above photo: Back row (l to r): Robert Hall (son of Herbert Hall, Jr.); Herbert Hall, Jr.; Carrie Hall Tomlinson (Carrie Jickells Hall's daughter); Herbert William Hall (my father); John Tomlinson (Carrie Jickells Hall's grandson by her daughter Carrie, Jr.); seated my Great Grandmother Carrie, and my uncle Eddie (George Edward Hall).
 Above photo: Herbert Hall, Sr., left, with his grandson, my dad, Herbert William Hall (In his U.S. Army Air Corps WWII Uniform); and Carrie Jickells Hall, wife of H. Hall, Sr.

Carrie and Herbert Hall, Sr. pose in front of their little cinder block home in Greenbelt, Maryland.

During World War II, every able-bodied person in my extended family that was able to serve served. Dora Hall, my paternal grandmother, was 2nd oldest of 11 siblings. At the time of World War II, she was in her late 30's, but her younger siblings served as WAVs. In the above photo, the bottom left is Gram's sister, Phillis Morris; the back left is maybe Vera. Center is Great Grandma Carrie; back right is my grandfather, Herbert Hall, Jr., and front right is my Uncle Eddie (George Edward Hall).

 Even Great Aunt Carrie's husband, Ray Tomlinson, served, fighting for Canada. It took him a long time to recover, psychologically, from the war. I see it in the photographs; one photo I have he is standing outside greeting someone in his bathrobe, like he was so depressed he didn't get dressed, and so out of it that he didn't care if they WERE taking a photograph. Other photographs his expression is just... spaced out there somewhere.

Okay, above photo, left to right: Herbert Hall, Sr.; Carrie (Jickells) Hall; Herbert Hall, Jr.; Ray Tomlinson; Carrie (Hall) Tomlinson.

In this photo, standing, from left to right, Great Granddad Herbert Hall, Sr., with his daughter, my Great-Aunt Carrie (Hall Tomlinson) with her arm around his shoulder; then in the back is Great-Grandma Carrie, then June Tomlinson, and in front John Tomlinson (Carrie and Ray Tomlinson's two children).
To the right, back row, left to right, Great-Grandma Carrie (Jickells) Hall; Grandma Dora Hall, Grandad Herbert Hall, Jr., front row left to right: my dad Herbert William Hall, my uncle Robert Hall, and my great aunt Carrie Hall Tomlinson.

After decades in Greenbelt, Herbert Hall, Jr. moved his family to Silver Spring, Maryland where they (the family of bricklayers, they literally) built a house. Then Herbert William Hall built a house two houses away. Carrie and Herbert, Sr., stayed in Greenbelt, but many later photos were taken in Silver Spring.

After Herbert Hall, Sr.'s house was built, Herbert Hall, Jr. built his house. I think Herbert, Ida, and my sister Lois and my brother Bruce lived with Grama and Grandad while the house was built. I have photos of the building, but that would be a separate boring post. So, the Hall, Sr. 3-bedroom house with no basement may have held, at that time, Herb Sr. and Dora, Robert and Eddie Sr., and Herbert and Ida, Lois and Bruce. (Or Uncle Bob may have been away in the Navy at that time.

 In the above photo, left to right, Great Grandad Herbert Sr., then my mom Ida Mae Hall holding baby Lois in the chair, Grandad Herbert Hall Jr. on the floor, my cousin Bobby, then back a little is my Grama Dora (Morris) Hall, my dad Herbert William Hall, and in back right in the chair, Great Grandma Carrie Hall.

Back, left to right: Carrie Hall, Sr., Herbert Hall, Sr., side view of Ida Mae (Holien) Hall (later Walker); front: Herbert William Hall (my dad) holding Lois Elaine Hall (my sister).

Above, four generations: in back, my Grandad Herbert Hall, Jr., my Uncle Ed (George Edward Hall), and seated Great Grandma Carrie holding Uncle Ed's first born, "Little Eddie" (George Edward Hall, Jr.).
The senior Hall family made trips back to Canada (or up state New York) to visit family. In the above photo I can recognize, standing in the center, Great Grandma Carrie, with Great Grandad Herb to her right. I bet the rest are relatives, but I have no one to identify them for me. I have NO documentation for family that Carrie OR Herbert Hall Sr. are descended from. The folks in the above photo are younger than that, though. Far left might be somebody's brother and wife (or sister and husband); I have no way of knowing.

Herbert, Sr. and Carrie, Sr. celebrated their 55th anniversary on 4/21/55. Great Grandad lived another ten years, passing away in 1965. I found the obituary, but didn't photograph it for this post. I posted it in an earlier post. After his death there were photos of Great Gram alone.
 Who's idea was this? No zoom lenses; not a great shot, but I can tell it is Great Grama.
Back row, left to right, Herbert Hall, Jr., Dora Hall, Herbert William Hall; front row, left to right: Carrie (Hall) Tomlinson, Great Grandma Carrie, and Ray Tomlinson.

 No info on date available.
So thank you for joining me in this stroll through memory lane. This week's meme was "Black and White", and I hope you didn't mind my throwing in a little color so that I could make it a page dedicated to my Great Grandmother, Carrie Jickells Hall.

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  1. I don't mind at all that you included color photos. It was so much fun looking at all those old photos. I hope you family members are grateful for all the hard work you did on this post. Thanks for sharing and linking up.

  2. As a family member, I am VERY grateful for the detail you have put into this Auntie : ) Thank You so much for your extended research . I love you so much, you are awesome!!!!
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!