Friday, February 1, 2013

A Day in the Life...


The clock ticks.

In a moment it will "BONG" out the chimes to tell me it is 8:30 a.m. I have been up since 6:30. When my alarm went off, I stumbled out of bed, took care of my morning ablutions, and stumbled to the living room.

Lights were blazing everywhere. And yet, I was alone. These are signs that my 13-year-old chose "Option 2" for school today, where he stayed up into the wee hours of the night doing his Math, his Latin, I'm not sure what else. I know, now, that he will want to sleep late today.

I let out the dogs,

brewed the coffee, unloaded the dishwasher, made my oatmeal. I checked to make sure hubby got up when he wanted to. Then I snuggle down in my recliner with my laptop, covered with a flannel quilt, and my coffee and oatmeal on the table beside me. I check my email.

8:30 strikes on the clock. I reluctantly leave the warm cocoon of my quilt and struggle back to my room to make my bed and take my shower. On the way to my room I peek in at my student.  
Oh, and, yes, he sleeps in his clothes. He resists bathing, but when we finally get him clean he either puts on jammies, and then tries to wear them all day when he gets up, or else he goes to bed in his clothes. I guess he just doesn't see any sense in having to change clothes again when getting up in the morning...

So I showered, dressed all the way to my shoes,
swished and swiped my bathroom, 
and made my bed.
[Lest you believe I "have it all together", I later read on my "FlyLady" email that my assignment today was my living room -- sit down and think, "If I were to change just one thing, what would it be?"
...Okay... um.... I can take that one of two ways... Either I can say to myself, "Oh, good, I only have to do one thing... I can handle that...", or else I can look at my living room and give up and say, "Doing one thing won't accomplish anything. So I won't do anything." ...Sadly I did the latter... After all, I need to do school now...]

So I peeked in on JD and suggested to him that it would be a good idea to get up now, as there was a lot of school to do today, and bowling this afternoon.

So he did his Math last night. We start out with the day's "Read through the BIble in a Year" selection. Then we read two chapters from Alice in Wonderland, followed by two chapters from All Creatures Great and Small. I still want two chapters from Treasure Island and a worksheet in Latin, but it is time to pack it in, eat lunch, and then skedaddle to the Bob's Bowler's bowling league for home schoolers.  Get there around 1:00, and JD runs in while I finish my healthy home made soup that I'm having for lunch (that is, having what of it did not spill on the way to the bowling alley.)

I run in, pay for bowling, and let the adults know I'll be back in about an hour -- have some errands. Off I run to Michael's to get JD some fusable (we call them "melty")  beads for the project he is working on.  Then I pop into Whole Foods, right next door, and grab some trail mix. On the way back to the bowling alley, I stop at a famous coffee shop and buy an expensive cup of coffee. Then on the way to the bowling alley I remember that I meant to sit at said coffee shop a few minutes to tackle some e-mail. ::sigh:: Arrive at bowling alley, and sit in car trying to tether my computer to my cell phone's signal; epic fail. Go inside til JD finishes bowling. Didn't even THINK to take a photograph of him bowling. Oh well! Have conversation with an adult about the "incident" that occurred while I was gone.

JD finishes and we go out into the BEAUTIFUL day! We decide it is too nice to go home and finish the school work. We turn right instead of turning left, and we go to the nearby state park! We play on the play ground, and we hike in the woods around the lake. I take lots of photos on my phone, but I'll use those photos another day for my Nature Study blog entry, so subscribe to my blog and read it in a couple of days.

Finally we've had our fill. We found lots of neat things on our hike, but still did not find mistletoe, that I have been trying to find to show JD all winter.  We head home. On the way home I stop at the in-grocery store bank so I can replenish my cash stash, and JD crawls around and with a ruler pulls dropped coins out from under the Coin Star machine. The teller comments that he is quite the entrepreneur, and I comment that I keep waiting for someone from the store to kick him out for doing that every time...

We head home. I don't have time now to help JD with his Latin, and both of us want to call it a day. He heads to his room to play Mine Craft for a while, and I head to the kitchen and make dinner -- oven baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and broccoli (fake chicken and brown rice and broccoli for the vegan, cause the mashed potatoes is those dried potato flakes with all those additives...)

Dinner eaten, hubby kindly gets up and does most of the dishes, leaving me to put away the leftovers and do the dishes and dirty baking sheet from the chicken (to clean) while he heads off to get cash for his own wallet, and to buy gas for his car with a cash discount.

JD is, again, playing Mine Craft. He will fight with us when it is time for his bath. He will take it anyway. He will have trouble going to sleep at a decent hour, and will probably do a lot of tomorrow's schoolwork tonight instead of going to sleep. (His computer locks automatically at 9:00 p.m.) He wants to do his school work tonight and be school-free tomorrow because it is supposed to get up to 66 degrees before it starts raining in the afternoon. Then a cold front will come in and it will be back down in the 30's for the rest of the week. He doesn't want to miss this little oasis in the middle of the frozen winter desert.

I will tackle part of the living room mess in above photo, and then I will crash in my bed at about 9:30 p.m. -- with a clean kitchen sink and a dish washer that is running. And tomorrow I will start again at 6:30. 

I blogged today, mostly, instead of dealing with email, so tomorrow I expect I will be really swamped.

So that is a day in the life. Thank you for joining us. Here is a lake photo of JD--he thought would be in silouette -- his idea!" target="_blank">

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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your day!

  2. Nice juggling mom! Thanks for sharing your real life. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I am in my second year homeschooling my now 11 year old son he is an only child and had a lot of problems at ps before I pulled him. We are both much happier homeschooling and I have much more proof that he is learning but I'm always worried it's not enough. I also worry because he is a lonely only child. We haven't found many friends for him outside of school and he misses that daily play. So it was nice to see a smaller family post about their day :)