Friday, February 22, 2013

Menu Monday (on Friday!)

I'm late getting this posted, but I thought I'd post it anyway. I'm trying to menu plan the entire year so that I'll have the framework in future years. So here's what I planned and mostly stuck to for the week of 2/17/13 (carnivore plans followed by vegan plans in parentheses):

 Ledo's Pizza (Amy's vegetarian pizza - we actually ended up eating leftovers); salad

 Beef Pitas (recipe below) (veggie crumble pitas); mixed vegetables

Bean soup with ham bone stock (vegan bean soup); salad; rolls

 Boneless chicken fried in olive oil (faux chicken patties baked); brown rice; Brussels sprouts

Lasagne (vegan lasagne); salad; TX toast

Fish sticks (leftovers); fries; coleslaw (yams, leftover veggies)

Will be away; family will eat leftovers, I'll probably eat a veggie sub from Subway.

So, since I'm going to be out all day Saturday and am busy Sunday, I'm supposed to quickly have next week's menu plan done with grocery list for my hubby to shop Sunday. :sigh: I'll never make it. Off to try.

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