Friday, September 2, 2016

Week in Review, Week 1

First day of school for my boy - 11th grade. We started with photos, of course!

On Monday classes started at the local community college. My young man is taking ENGL 102 and HIST 114 through dual enrollment this semester. At home we will be working on Geometry.

Last week, around the time my lad was getting his wisdom teeth out,...

I ordered books for his college classes, two required for English and two required for History. I ordered one English book to be picked up at the campus book store. When we picked it up my son said, "Oh, I already have that book. It was one of my books for my English class that I took last semester." ::sigh:: So I returned the book and got my money back. I'd like to know why I had to pay $45 for it in February when it is now only $35...

Second English book:
My son gets home from classes Monday to inform me this is the wrong book. It is that annoying word "SHORT" that is causing the problem. He needs "Second Edition", not "Short Second Edition". "Are you sure you can't get away with this version?" Yes, he's sure. He already asked. So another trip to the campus book store to spend $65 on another book, and I need to get onto my Amazon account and return the other book.

So anyway, while son was in classes I ran to the gym and worked out on Monday and Wednesday.

Then I ran home, showered, and drove back to the college to pick son up. Next week he rides the bus home.

On Tuesday I planned to mow the lawn in the morning, but I procrastinated didn't get out there until 11:00 a.m. on a day cruising up into the 90's. I didn't make it. I got the front done and the outline of the back, but had to quit with plans to finish it Thursday morning when it would be cooler. Then it rained most of the day Thursday, so I didn't get back to it 'til Friday, so I didn't get to the gym the 3rd time I had hoped to.

Monday night was also our first Boy Scout meeting for the new school year.

So Thursday brought with it some new excitement. As I was outside picking green beans for dinner I smelled natural gas. Seemed to be coming from near our gas meter. Called Washington Gas, who confirmed it for us and turned off our gas. ::sigh::

Fortunately I was able to get dinner cooked before they arrived (rotisserie chicken was from the grocery store today).

No hot water, so we opted for paper plates today.

And, by the way, our dishwasher has been dead for several weeks now. 

So the kitchen has regularly looked like this by dinnertime daily.

So Friday we got a plumber to come find the leak and fix the pipe (replace). 

He did a great job. Got my stove fired right back up again. But when he tried to light the hot water heater, he couldn't. "It's dead, Jim!" (Star Trek original series reference.)

From what he found, we're lucky we're not all dead!

So the six year water heater has been there 14 years - we got our money out of it. But it is all happening one thing right after another. Ever see the movie, "The Money Pit"? Check it out.

So I was hoping for a new dishwasher this weekend, but we might only be getting a new hot water heater.

How was your first week of school?


  1. how, you had an interesting first week of school. here's too a new water heater and YAY!!! you were safe through it all. :)

  2. Our first week will start on Tuesday, and I hope we don't have Money Pit troubles to accompany it! LOL We do need a new dishwasher as well, although ours isn't dead (yet).

    So nice of your son to cooperate for a first day picture!

  3. Oh my! What a week that was! Doesn't it always seem like it comes in cycles like that?

  4. What an interesting first week of school! You seem to be very go with the flow, which is a good thing when you are a homeschool mom!

    1. "Go with the flow"... Yeah. When I am failing, hubby keeps me grounded. When he fails, I remind him God is in control. We balance each other out.

  5. What a first week! I remember not having a working dishwasher for so many years. It certainly makes me so thankful for that little servant! Glad all were safe - that hot water heater picture looks scary!

    Our first week went pretty smooth overall!

    1. Yeah, I keep reminding myself I haven't always had a dishwasher. But mostly I have. Hubby is doing most of the dishwashing, actually, bless his heart! The hardest part right now is having to heat the water on the stove to do the dishes. It's like camping...