Thursday, September 8, 2016 - A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Review Crew

In July I learned I would be part of the Crew reviewing (which I had previously known as Christian HomeSchool Hub). 

I had already had a free membership at Christian HomeSchool Hub, but now I had the opportunity to review their premium product, CHSH Download Club

 I had always wanted access to their  but couldn't justify paying for it because I already had everything I needed! It was just a "want". Now I got to see it! Happy dance!

I quickly logged in and perused the materials available for download. On entering the page, it was difficult initially to know what I needed to do to find the materials on the site.

I did a few searches, but eventually I figured out to scroll down on this first page, which takes you to tables of choices.

My only student is in 11th Grade, so while this site is jam-packed with wonderful materials, much of it I do not need. My initial interest was in Spanish and in materials for organization. The Spanish is in the above section under "Languages". As I scrolled further down, I found a section of materials for "High School" and a section for "Organization".

I went to "Spanish" first and downloaded a huge selection of Spanish learning materials. It is an amazing collection of PDF format files.

I went next to the 2nd choice under "Organization" and download the contents. This was the section I wanted to focus on for my review period. As I looked over the contents, my hopes were deflated as I saw the entire section was geared toward the 2015-2016 school year.

I wrote to the CHSH-Teach Owner, Lynda Ackert and asked her if there was any possibility of getting the "Forms for planning and record keeping" for the 2016-2017 school year any time soon. She apologized that she hadn't gotten it uploaded yet and said it would be up by the end of the next day. It was! And she even wrote back to me to make sure I knew it was up, which is amazing. She gets five gold stars for customer service!

So I downloaded the record keeping packet for the current school year. She updated the packet so that you don't have to download the entire zip-file if you just want specific pages, which is wonderful! The packet contains so many different files there is no way I am going to list them all here. I'd like to tell you my favorites.

I forgot to mention that I also downloaded the current calendars in the "Organization" section for the current school year. My brain was thinking of that as part of the record keeping packet. There is a variety of styles of planner pages, and I found a set in the format I like to use. I already have a planner for my son, but I might set up a set of school planner pages just for scheduling use of items I am reviewing. It would help me keep on track.

I like and needed the sheet for tracking student attendance. I also love the Daily Grade Log and the High School Course of Study Check List. There is a transcript form for all twelve years of school. I'm going to suggest to the Owner a High School Transcript form as well. I rarely graded work before high school.

So that's my focus on the Organization materials. I love them. I wanted to mention a few things about the Spanish materials as well. I love the illustrations for the lower level Spanish learning, like words for animals. There is a full book download for Spanish I for both the student and the teacher. The book makes reference to the student listening to the pronunciation tapes, but these are not available, so I guess this Spanish I would best be used by a teacher who knows Spanish well enough to know the pronunciations. I don't - I am still learning as well.

So is a fantastic resource for you to consider and I have barely scratched the surface. So in order for you to get an idea of more that is available through, you should click the button below and read additional reviews by other members of the Review Crew! Thanks!

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