Sunday, April 24, 2016

Church Guest Speaker

There was a guest speaker at church today named Frank Turek. He was fabulous! He is devoted to apologetics - defending the position of faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  As he spoke, I learned he is co-author of a book that was, as I recalled, recently reviewed by The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Athiest, a review for Apologia.
Frank Turek is ex-military (Navy), which gives him extra points where my teen-aged son is concerned, and Dr. Turek's son is in the Air Force, which counts even more points with my son! So I came home and searched for the book review to link it here. It took place in August of 2012.

What?! August of 2012? That's crazy! It just happened! How could four years have passed since that review? I have no idea! Well, I wasn't on the review, so I bought the book as well as a 2nd book, Stealing from God, which talks about how athiests have to steal ideas from God's creation just to argue against Him. I am looking forward to both books.

The website he is affiliated with,, is a great resource. It has links to his television show (which airs Wednesday nights on Direct TV channel 378), radio and podcasts, videos, and a free app.

Three-fourths of the children in evangelical homes, 75%, walk away from the faith when they leave home as adults. Dr. Turek has a heart to help parents prepare their students to defend their faith so that when they encounter opposition as adults they do not cave, but actually stand strong in defense of their faith.

I am so excited to have learned about this ministry as the parent of a teen-aged son. I have two years left til high school graduation. I plan to work to integrate our Bible studies with strengthening apologetics to ground my son in my faith. I hope you'll join me!

You can also find on Twitter and Facebook ("Twit-faced"). Join me, and let's prepare the next generation so we can pass the baton!

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