Monday, January 11, 2016

Menu Monday for 1-11-2016
Sorry if you got this blog entry before it was ready. I was peacefully typing, looked up and found it had published without my permission. ::sigh::

Okay, so I didn't tell you last week, but...
I am following The Bone Broth Diet. It is a primal diet with a kick start to help me lose some weight. I've done a lot of research for the past two months, and The Bone Broth Diet, The Primal Blueprint, Trim Healthy Mama, The All Day Fat Burning Diet, The Virgin Diet, and The Fat Diminisher System all have primal similarities. They also all represent someone's business and have things they want you to buy. Many of them have things that you must buy to follow the system. I chose The Bone Broth Diet because I understood it, knew I could do it, and because I could follow it without purchasing special stuff from the company. I can shop at the grocery store.

The author recommends you weigh in on the first day and the last day. Sorry. I'm not that good that I followed that. You commit, to start, to following the plan for 21 days. I am on Day 2 of Week 2, and I have lost nine pounds! I'm so psyched! Can't wait to see what 21 days and more will do. I am at a weight now that I haven't seen since I was gaining weight during my last pregnancy. That child is now 16!

So the menu plan is a combination of The Bone Broth Plan and feeding my husband, who didn't agree to dietary changes. Here goes:

Saturday (1/9):  
B: 3 eggs scrambled w/spinach
L: tuna, salad
D: turkey chili corn bread

Make bone broth

Sunday (1/10):
B: bone broth
L: bone broth
D: bone broth [(hubby) turkey chili, salad,corn bread (from Boston Market)]

Monday (1/11):
B: 3 eggs scrambled w/spinach
L: turkey chili from Saturday, salad
D: roast chicken (p123), [stuffing], broccoli, salad

Tuesday (1/12):
B: 3 eggs scrambled w/spinach
L: tuna, salad
D: Fiesta beef fajitas (p. 147), cauliflower “rice” (p. 180)

Make chicken bone broth

Wednesday (1/13):
B: bone broth
L: bone broth
D: bone broth, leftovers [hubby's choice'

Thursday (1/14):
B: 3 eggs scrambled w/spinach
L:  chicken salad
D: burgers, chips, green beans, lettuce, tomato

Friday (1/15):
B: 3 eggs scrambled w/spinach
L: fajitas from Tuesday, salad
D: Salmon, sweet potatoes, spinach, beets

Saturday (1/16):  
B: 3 eggs scrambled w/spinach
L: steak salad
D: Stir fry (from one of the above meats), cauliflower "rice" [real rice]

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