Friday, January 1, 2016

AO Rotations - January 2016

Ambleside Online Rotation for January, 2016
This is a summary of the AO studies that come up for study in the presented AO rotations for the month of January, 2016.

Hymn Study:
January's hymn is "He Who Would Valiant Be" (to the tune of St. Dunstan's Tune).

Folk Song:
Term 2: Jan My Grandfather's Clock *

Nature Study:
winter: Brook, river, ocean
We aren't focusing on nature study this year because my high school son is focusing on Chemistry.
I don't think we're going to get this one done. Next term is Much Ado, and I think I want to try to get to that one.

Artist Studies:
Term 2 
2015-2016 TERM 2 Jacques-Louis David (ZHOCK lu-WEE dah-VEED; 1748-1825; French. Self Portrait) (This term's composer: Schubert)

6. The Coronation of Napoleon and Josephine in Notre Dame, 1807; "NGA Kids" activity can supplement this painting.
Napleon, Emperor of France, at his coronation by Ingres.      
Composer Studies:
2015-2016 TERM 2 Franz Schubert (1797-1828; late Classical/early Romantic) (This term's artist: Jacques-Louis David)

   1. Trout quintet

   2. Symphony no. 8 ("Unfinished")

   Selection 3 & 4. Symphony no. 9 ("The Great") (4 weeks)

   5. Impromptus op. 90 (D. 899)

   6. Die schone Mullerin (a song cycle)

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