Monday, July 7, 2014

Menu Monday for 7/7/14

Here's my Menu Monday for this week. No vegan options this week - the vegan is away and the carnivores are taking over.

Sunday (7/6/14):
chicken Caesar salad, whole grain rolls

Monday (7/7/14):
Buffalo Mac n' cheese, green beans (Pull pork loin out of freezer and into fridge to defrost)

Tuesday (7/8/14):
ravioli, salad, garlic bread, fresh Italian bread (Pull ground beef out of freezer to fridge to defrost)

Wednesday (7/9/14):
grilled pork loin roast, mixed vegs (big freezer) (Pull salmon out of freezer to fridge to defrost)

Thursday (7/10/14):
spaghetti, salad, garlic bread (in freezer upstairs)(1 lb ground beef in big freezer)
(Pull diced chicken out of freezer to defrost)

Friday/ (7/11/14)
salmon, baby potatoes (boiled), steamed carrots

Saturday (7/12/14)
chicken pot pie, rolls (Becky should use cut up chicken from upstairs freezer)

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