Friday, July 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Finish

For some time now I have been receiving emails about 5-Minute Friday, a project designed to encourage women and moms to participate in "free writing". Each week is a new word (topic). You set a timer for five minutes, and you just go. I have decided to try to do this when I can. My timer is never handy at my computer, but rather than continue to procrastinate I have decided to keep track of the five minutes using my sweep-second hand clock that sits in front of me.
Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker
Here we go.

Today's word: Finish

It started in 1992, this little home school I started. She was just-turned 5, and the state said she was too young for kindergarten because she was born one day late. Bah!

She was home schooled the whole way. Her sister joined the party three years later. Then a ten year gap, and a brother was born. Sister 1 was graduated and Sister 2 in 11th grade when child 3 began home school. And now the Boy is starting 9th grade.

You may have days when you ask yourself, "Why did I start this?" and "Will this ever end?" Will my laundry always be washed in loads and loads at a time? Will my refrigerator always be bursting at the seams? Will I EVER be able to use the bathroom without being interrupted?

I am not yet to the finish line, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am working on my last four-year high school plan, and my last set of Algebra I-Geometry-Algebra II-Pre-Calc and Biology-Chemistry-Physics-whatever, and I'm here to tell you...

The finish line will come. And already I miss those 2-minute bathroom breaks where tiny fingers are reaching under the door begging me to come back to them. I miss being able to gather my chickies on the couch as I read aloud. I miss having my daughters knit and crochet or color while I read from the latest fiction or history.

I even miss the boy building happily with Legos while I read Blueberries for Sal.

Savor the moments. Don't look too longingly for the finish. It will come. Savor today, and strive to do your best moment by moment.

And He will one day say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." But I beg you, don't focus on "finish". Focus on today.

That's my five.

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  1. Finally visiting from FMF! Your words are wise and a perspective I try to keep as I raise my 8 year old daughter! Time is flying by--I can see that already. Now to focus on the bigger perspective on life--how do I want to finish?