Friday, March 21, 2014

Week 23 (Fin!) - Mother's Journal
We had a pretty productive week this week, academically. 

The snow drops were blooming! It was so sad that we never got the leaves up last fall, and that these sweet flowers have brown leaves under them, but at least they're up. They don't last long, so I photographed them.


Can you believe it? So we took a partial snow day.

We still got done Math, Science, Spanish, some History/Literature, and some Geography. Monday was St. Patrick's Day. I'm not Irish, but my grandmother was born in Dublin... (RAF Base, British citizenship). So, we served corned beef and cabbage, with potatoes. We love that meal!

In our homeschool... I review products for The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, and there are a lot of new products percolating in my home right now. We are working with CTC Math, Homeschool Adventure's Philosophy Adventure, Victus Study Skills System, SuperCharged Science, as well as a DVD called "Captivated", and an audio adventure series called "Brinkman Family Adventure".  And on Friday, ARTistic Pursuits arrived. I finished the review period for Mango Languages, but we're still trying to keep up the Spanish.

In addition, I'm working on Ambleside Online's Year 7. We're working our way through so many, many books, mostly in the Middle Ages. We're working on Martin Luther, The Story of King Arthur and His Knights, Ivanhoe, The Once and Future King, Watership Down, Winston Churchill's Birth of Brittain from History of the English Speaking People, Loefwine the Monk, Charlotte Mason's Ourselves, ...and many more. I won't bore you... But we are keeping a busy schedule.

With only one student, much of our work is me reading aloud. That way we both enjoy the stories, and I know the work is done. Miner currently works independently on CTC Math, Spanish, and much of his PE (physical activities). Today he was doing Wii Fit.

Our favorite literature right now is Watership Down. I am really enjoying CTC Math right now. Miner is able to do it independently, and he is doing well. He's hitting a bit of a bump right now in Spanish (where he doesn't remember the words for the phrases they're asking him in English to say in Spanish), but we'll stick with it.
Okay, so you saw our 9-1/2" of snow on Monday. As it was melting, on Tuesday or Wednesday, I got this neat photo of the snow melting down the rail of our side stairs.
Can you believe that this is what my deck looked like today (Friday)?
In our county here in Maryland, the public schools have had so many snow days this year that they might not take their spring break in April. I was already leaning toward skipping the break, so it would be helpful to have the county do the same. Our home school was on break for six weeks this winter, and will have some break time this summer, so spring break is not in the cards.

So, what's going on in your home school this week?
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  1. Isn't the snow crazy? I'm in Maine. I can't say as we've gotten to your Friday photo amount, but I do see a very itty bitty patches of tar outside now. But aren't we supposed to get a storm on Tuesday or Wednesday? Ugh! LOL

  2. That would be... yes. In my area, 2-4" predicted for tomorrow. I'm supposed to go on my first field trip in forever. Now I don't know if that will happen. In the Washington, DC area, things tend to shut down with 1". Schools have been closed the night before over PREDICTED snow. It's crazy. It's been a cold year. I can't wait for consistently warm weather!