Thursday, March 13, 2014

Flip Flop Mama

Flip flop? Seriously? Are we talking rubber sandles? It's 19 degrees at my house this morning, March 13.

So what am I really talking about. It's my never ending, constantly changing diet.

About a month ago I started working to follow the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. Tuesday I got word that my blood test results from my physical were in. My cholesterol was at 260, and we're not talking high good and low bad, we're talking "it doesn't look good". So I let my doctor know that I've seen elevated cholesterol before, and before she thinks statins I'd like to see if I can bring it down on my own. I told her of my previous journey, so she said we'll redo the blood work in June.

So, with regret I currently leave the Trim Healthy Mama plan and return to the vegan plan to get the numbers in line. Just so you know, last year, when my cholesterol was 243 but the good was high and the bad was low, I was not following a strict vegan diet, just a predominantly vegan diet. I'll be strict until the numbers are good, and then I'll figure it out from there.

One thing I will say for sure, I was not following the THM plan strictly, because I still haven't had time to wrap my brain around it fully. It's possible I wasn't quite getting it yet. So I'm not chucking the book or anything. I am hoping I'll find the time to fully read and understand the content later this year. But this month is not the month.

I didn't get my menu plan posted last week. I won't post it now, because I don't really think anyone cares. This week's menu plan was created based on THM, before I got my cholesterol readings. 

SUNDAY (3/9)
Beef fajitas, spanish rice

MONDAY (3/10)
Roast chicken, stuffing, broccoli

TUESDAY (3/11)
Cheeseburgers, potato chips, brussels sprouts

Chicken pot pie, rolls

Quiche, spinach, rolls

FRIDAY (3/14)
Spaghetti, salad, Texas toast

Roast, potatoes, broccoli

So Tuesday I went ahead and ate my last cheeseburger for awhile, but last night I ate Minnesota Wild Rice soup left over from last week. (Don't even know if I made it without oil, but at least it's closer to vegan than the pot pie was.)

The favorite thing I've gotten from THM is how to make a great smoothy. I take almond milk, protein powder, strawberries, cocoa, and even throw in some chocolate chips (to make it like a java chip frappacino from Star Buck's). I blend that, and then gradually add ice bit by bit until it is just the perfect consistency. It is saving me a lot of money, and is better for me than the purchased one with the bovine milk. For lowering my cholesterol I'll have to cut out the whey protein powder, but that's the only change.

So, I'll report back in June to let you know my cholesterol numbers after the next test. In the mean time my menu plans will have to change from "carnivore/THM" to "Carnivore/vegan". ::sigh::

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