Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Think Back Thursday - Sleep

The focus of today's "Think Back Thursday" is Sleep/Sleepy/Tired.

What is it about the sleeping family member that makes the camera-holder think it would make a good photo? My son was sleeping yesterday, and I restrained the urge to snap the shot. It would not have made a nice photo.

That aside, there are so many beautiful sleeping-person photos in my arsenol that I MUST pull them out!  First one from the 80's of my nephew:
 Then a couple of years later, photos of my first born sleeping:


But I can't find a single sleeping photo of my 2nd daughter! So funny. I know I have one I can't find, but mostly she was colicky, so whenever she fell asleep I was so thankful I would never have risked waking her by taking a photo!  So here's my 3rd born:
 and here's one of my 2nd born holding my sleeping 3rd born:

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