Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Christmas Past

I wanted to start by posting a Christmas photo of my mom and Gram (Esther Holien, 1905-2003) from about 1960.
I don't know why some are color, but most of my 1960s photos are B/W. This photo below is my other Gram (Dora Hall, 1906-1999)

Next comes a photo in which I am either 13 or 14, so that would be either 1973 or 1974. On the Left is my dad (Herbert W. Hall - 1925 to 2006) and his mom, my Gram (Dora Hall), and I am between them. My sister (Lois) is in fron, left.

Next is a photo of my dad's brother, Robert Hall (1927-2007) with his 2nd wife Melba, and this photo looks like it is from sometime around 1988.

Then we get to less "ancient" photos. Sadly, none of the Christmas photos on my computer include my oldest daughter. She moved out in 2005. The first photo is about 2006 - it shows us doing what has become a tradition for my son. He doesn't even like gingerbread houses anymore, but still likes to make one every year.

Family Christmas photo says it is the same year, but to me JD looks a year older in the family photo.  
Then we have a succession of family Christmases.

2008, on the annual trek to find and cut down the perfect tree:
2010 - Photos like this in 10 and 11, and I've now decided I want to get up and shower at 0'dark-hundred every Christmas and always be dressed with styled hair when we open presents:

2011 - family photo taken at Thanksgiving (to distribute in our Christmas cards), and a fast forward to another gingerbread house:

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