Friday, December 14, 2012

Becoming a DO-er

Walking around my house, photographing areas that I need to "Becoming a DO-er", it would be overwhelming if I just posted all the areas of "To Do". (It would make my house look eligible for an episode of "Hoarders", which it really is not.) I just live in a small house, have too much stuff, and too little time to keep up with it. The key to success, though, is to not be a perfectionist, and to work at it a little every day, like Flylady says to do.

1: The Chair. What is it about chairs that they look like an invitation to make a pile? Now, a lot of stuff from this chair still needs to be dealt with, but it's not going to get done before Christmas, so I needed to fold, put away, and store to make my family room functional for family company. So here's how it looked as I went through the steps:
 First I started folding the fabric and making a pile beside the chair:

Then I took the bag of in progress quilt (blue bag) and put it elsewhere, stored the boxes of photographs and items for scrapbooking, put the folded fabric away, and was left with the bag of giveaways. I'm going to Freecycle a backpack from the bag and give the rest to Goodwill or somebody. I have folks who call monthly and come to my door, so I'm always working on at least one bag.

I don't think I photographed it as it now is. I think I put away the fabric, too. Anyway, not finished yet, but progress.

2: Couch - I looked at the couch when homeschool was done for the day, and it needed work. (This is the same family room, another angle.) So I cleaned it up. Here are the before and after shots:

3. Chair #2 - The other day I cleaned up Rocking Chair #1. Today I worked on Rocking Chair #2 (Same family room):
I have no "After" photo, so I presume I didn't finish, but I did take the big blue box out to the recycling bin. (It was an empty box from new winter boots.)

So that's it for today. I'm working on "Becoming a DO-er". Want to join me? To join me, to to Homeschooling Heart and Mind and join by posting a blog entry to the Linky.


  1. Your house doesn't look dissimilar from mine in terms of clutter. You're doing great and I'm looking forward to checking in with your progress. ;0)

  2. I need some of your motivation please! Send some my way!

    Stopping by from the Crew!

  3. Motivation being sent your way, and keep reading my posts. By the way, that white bag on the green chair (above the couch photos) is gone to charity now. Next bag will start soon. 2nd rocking chair was totally cleared for Christmas Day as planned. It wasn't perfect, but considering where it started, it was amazing.

    What I love about FlyLady's philosophy is even a little work done blesses your family, and 15 minutes a day (even here and there) amounts to hours and hours of labor by the end of the year.

    When the family begins to see things are clean, they really do usually begin to work to keep them that way. When they see things dirty, they don't hesitate to contribute to the clutter. Think of your kitchen sink with one plate and fork in it. You come back a half hour later - and four people later - and the sink is full of used dishes. Whereas if you just stuck that plate and fork in the dishwasher when you went to the sink, the next person finds a clean sink, and thinks twice before they toss their dishes there.