Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting More Done

I have joined some other bloggers, in the month of December, in a concentrated effort to get more projects done. This is an update on my progress.

Before Christmas I worked on decluttering a particular chair that had a pile of stuff on it -- the pile included a pile of flannel fabric that I had purchased on Black Friday to use for projects for my favorite charity, Online Angels.

Sheesh! I can't even see the fabric in that photo. Maybe it was under stuff. But I folded it and cut out fabric for diaper shirts and receiving blankets. So here is what I made:


I shipped them all off to Online Angels today (36 B Pine Drive, Pottsville, PA 17901). But there was more that I made. These diaper shirts are for the babies in Guinnea, Africa, where our church missionaries, Dan and Ginny Bryant, are:
They are currently stateside for a year of training and recuperation, but when they go back they will be armed with hats, blankets, shirts, bottles, spoons, and anything else we can round up for them.

So that's what I've gotten done lately. To see other bloggers who are getting things done, visit Homeschooling Hearts and Minds blog to see more.


  1. That's great! I'm quite often guilty of purchasing fabric or craft stuff and never getting around to making what I was going to make. Thank you for sharing the info about this worthwhile ministry. My daughter recently learned to knit and might be interested in knitting some squares for the Loveghans.

  2. I have piles like that. It's so wonderful to de-clutter them, put things in their proper place, and actually USE things as intended. I love that you are using your talent for helping others!