Monday, December 31, 2012

Menu Monday #1, 2013

Well, Monday actually falls in 2012, but I thought since most of the week is 2013... Anyway, today I get back to the strict work of controlling my blood pressure and cholesterol through diet. So, even going back a few days, here is the menu plan for this week:

Macaroni and Not Cheese, Green Beans, leftover ham for the carnivores

Sunday (my birthday):
Steak (for the carnivores), baked potatoes (I loaded mine with vegetarian chili), broccoli (followed by very NOT-vegan carrot cake!)

Home made pizza, one vegan, one Pepperoni; salad

Savory Lentils and Greens, Salad, whole grain rolls from Whole Foods

Burgers and Fries, cooked carrots (black bean burgers and sweet potato fries for the vegan)

E2 Black Beans & Rice

Vegan Pad Thai

Sweet Potato Bowls

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1 comment :

  1. MPM definitely keeps me on track. I actually look forward to Mondays!
    This New Year's Eve, I'm staying home, cleaning our house and doing some blog visiting. Hubby had to work so it will be quiet.
    Your menu plan looks delicious.
    Have a wonderful week and a Happy New Year!