Monday, May 9, 2011

Notebooking and a Great Sale at

One of the methods of reinforcing what is being covered is if you decide to have your children use the learning method of "Notebooking".  Notebooking means creating a notebook for each subject or topic, and having the child fill out a page for different specific elements within that topic.

For example, my son and I spent several years expanding his knowledge of the birds that live in our area. So, we created a Bird Notebook (this can be a 3-ring binder, or it can be a composition notebook, a homemade book... whatever format you decide upon).  Each page in the book focused on a particular book. One page is the robin redbreast, with a color picture we printed out from a computer image from someone's website, etc. We didn't go into too much depth with this, because he was first grade, but you could go into depth. The page could include the geographic area this bird is found, what the bird eats, whether the bird migrates in winter, any predators, etc.

The Homeschooling Times has a great introduction to Notebooking, and Cindy Rushton's Notebooking ABC's is even better! Or you can do an internet search on the topic and see what you can find.  I have learned a lot about Notebooking from a blog I love called Harmony Art Mom.  Barb, the author, uses Charlotte Mason methods combined with Tapestry of Grace, and shows examples of how she has her sons use notebook pages to record and reinforce what they are learning.

Debra Reed, a homeschool mom out there has created her own small business with Notebooking. She creates templates for Notebooking for various subjects. Her business is  In addition to the fact that she has a lot free templates for various subjects, she has a membership page where you can access all her oodles and oodles of templates. The Notebooking Treasury is currently available at an amazing discount price! Please go take a  look and consider subscribing to her Notebooking Treasury page.

Here is a blurb from her email telling about the sale:

"We've teamed up with some of our old partners and have also added quite a few new ones too! They are offering fabulous gifts & prizes . . . I'm so excited to be able to bring these to you for our 5th Birthday Sale-a-Bration! You have got to go see what they're offering . . . amazing.

"All new members AND all renewing members will receive an e-gift package worth over $80 when purchasing between May 9th-May 27th. Check out the details:

I am a subscriber to the treasury, and I just love it. Thanks for considering!

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