Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Lapbooks!

Ah... Yesterday Notebooking, and today Lapbooking...

Lapbooking is another fun way to work with your kids to study a subject in-depth and create an item that not only shows what they have been studying, what they have learned, but also is so much fun that they will go back to it again and again to look at it, show it to people, explain it, and thus review the material. In theory. This doesn't work with every child, my child being in the doesn't work category, but I myself still love lapbooks.

So first let me give you the link to today's great free resource, and then I will give you some links to read more about Lapbooking.

The online homeschool resource company, CurrClick, has a weekly newsletter they send out. Each week they give something away. This week they are giving away a butterfly lapbook (for grades K-4th) by Hands of a Child, which is one of the major lapbook creators. Hands of a Child, by the way, also gives away lapbooks -- a new free lapbook twice a year. Their free lap-book right now is called The Big Snow (grades K-2nd). So now you have TWO free lapbooks from Hands of a Child, and they are very nice lapbooks indeed!

But seeing that second free lapbook from Hands of a Child reminded me that there are other sources for free lapbooks available on the internet that you might now know about, so in addition to the links I will give you about lapbooking I will try to also provide some links for more free lapbooks.

Some more great free "how to" resources:
Lapbook Lessons
Homeschooling on a Shoestring
Lapbooking 101 on Bravehost
Jamin's Lapbooks

 Other great, but not free resources:
One of my favorite sources of information for how to lapbook is Cindy Rushton. She has lots to say about lapbooking in her pdf e-book called Let's Make a Lapbook.  It is like a "Lapbooking 101" course.

Well, there's so much more out there, but I need to go make dessert for a function tonight so I need to get off the computer. Maybe I'll add to this post later.




  1. :-)
    I had wanted to ask you the difference between notebooking and lapbooking. Thanks for your great explanation of both. Now can you explain narration? ;-)
    I'll have to check out your links. The one I have used is Homeschool Share

  2. Ah, yes, narration! I will do a blog entry on narration tomorrow, okay?