Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Post Friday

Well, I started creating a post but never finished, so no post Friday. I had to mow the lawn after school, and was still not done at dinner so went back out to finish after dinner. Then a shower and a movie with hubby.  That post is saved for me to work more on later.

Saturday we have a major league baseball game to attend, free tickets thanks to all the popcorn my Boy Scout sold in the fall. The weather report predicts we will watch the ball game in the rain.  ::sigh::

Sunday our church has a community outreach followed by a picnic. Maybe. Weather still supposed to be rainy.

All that to say: Not sure when I will post the post I meant for today. It might not be published until Monday.

Hope you have a lovely, dry, sunny spring weekend... not like the one I am supposed to have.

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