Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017 Weeks 4 and 5 in Review

The student is attending Spanish I and Sociology classes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at our local community college through the Dual Enrollment program.
These classes are his main focus right now, but in addition he is taking an online Accuplacer preparation course. He is supposed to be working on Geometry as well, but right now he is not.

The student is also a Boy Scout and is in the final stretch to reach the rank of Eagle Scout.
His Eagle project proposal has received a few revisions and has gotten all its signatures. Weather permitting, the project work should be accomplished at the end of February.

The project is reclaiming a section of forest at a local county park that has previously been a hiking trail. The trail has been rerouted and the old trail needs to become forest again. Trees will be planted and the path covered with forest debris to discourage use by hikers and to give nature the opportunity for regrowth there. It helps the county park out, and my son is pretty excited about the project.

My son is also a Civil Air Patrol cadet (Master Sergeant) and attends meetings on Thursday nights. This past Thursday was ABUs night (uniform name - Airman Battle Utility). 

The weather has been amazing for February (40-50s), but the cold seems to be returning (thank you, Pauxatauny Phil). It goes down to the 20's or 30's at night. Daytime temperatures are unpredictable. We'll have a high of 35 one day, but 65 a few days later. I love the warmer days. I don't want to take a coat when I go out in my polar fleece jacket. I am waiting anxiously for Spring.

How was your week?

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