Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Art of CursiveLogic - A Review

I first learned of CursiveLogic in 2015 . I was given this product to review.  CursiveLogic became one of my favorite products of the year! ...It is still one of my favorite products that I have reviewed. It turned my son from printing to handwriting in a few short weeks (and I'd been trying to teach him cursive for years!).

CursiveLogic has created a new product, and with adult coloring books being all the rage, I think this product is going to be a big winner! Introducing: 

The Art of CursiveLogic

Using a beautiful coloring book style combined with specific stroke instruction, The Art of CursiveLogic teaches adults to write in cursive through an enjoyable, relaxing series of drawings to color.

The book is still in the developmental stage -- I've only seen a partial sample, of which I'm only to show you a partial sample.

CursiveLogic currently has Kickstarter Campaign going to raise funds so they can create this adult coloring book to teach cursive. The more money they receive, the nicer a book they will be able to create. I'm envisioning a spiral book with fine, sturdy perforated pages so they can be separated from the book, colored, and posted for display.

This is such a worthwhile project! In my area public school students are no longer taught cursive except to create their own signature. They are unable to read checks people write in cursive, or handwritten cards they receive in the mail, or even our country's original documents of the founding fathers! I've been so glad to have CursiveLogic to recommend to people to teach their kids cursive almost overnight! I can't wait to see the adult coloring book in its final form! 

Please considering going to the Kickstarter page and making a donation to help this worthwhile project. Watch the video there to see more about the book project.

I received sample pages of this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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