Monday, February 13, 2017

Menu Monday for 2/13/17

This week is not a stellar example of a great menu planning week for me. 

Let me start with the good news first, though. At Jenny Craig, at weigh-in, I had lost 1.2 pounds! That brings it to where it was at my lowest before Christmas when I crashed and burned. Sad that it took that long. Great that I got there, since I'm still not entirely applying myself...

Okay, menu plan. I normally make dinner six or seven nights each week. This is not a normal week.

Saturday I cooked a meal from last week that got bumped there by an unexpected pizza night. Sunday we were going to get a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, but we've been eating a lot of chicken, son wanted Chinese, and... we got Chinese. Tonight I planned subs. Hubby said it costs so much to buy the supplies (for two, since I'm eating something else) that he'll just get it from the sub shop.

Tuesday is Valentine's Day, and the only thing I'm asking for is (drumroll, please...) to eat out. Wednesday is planned, but somehow I managed to put the same thing down for Thursday. Hubby said we'll figure it out later. (Uh-oh!) Friday is planned.

Like I said, not a stellar week. Here it is in normal format:

Saturday (2/11):  corned beef and cabbage, potatoes

Sunday (2/12):  rotisserie chicken, broccoli, Lipton’s noodles Chinese

Monday (2/13) (Boy Scouts):  subs

Tuesday (2/14):  fried chicken dinner from Red Rooster

Wednesday (2/15): flank steak, mashed potatoes, brussels Sprouts

Thursday (2/16)(CAP):  “We’ll figure it out…”

Friday (2/17)(Care Group):  chicken pot pie

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