Monday, December 19, 2016

Nature Notes - Birdfeeder

I'm having so much fun watching my bird feeder I just wanted to share!

Right now there's a white-breasted nuthatch on my feeder - I haven't seen any red-breasted nuthatches this year.

We have at least a pair of tufted titmouses ("titmice"?).


We have at least a pair of North Carolina or black-capped chickadees (or both).
The chickadees and titmouses move so constantly it's hard to ever see more than two at once. There are probably more nuthatch, too, but we only see one at a time. There were blue jays... 

There are, of course, lots of house sparrows, and then a song sparrow!

Surprisingly, though, I also had a visit from an Eastern Bluebird (no photo) and some goldfinch  sporting winter colors!

I have had visits from downy woodpecker(no photo) and hairy woodpecker (below): 

I saw red again and thought the woodpecker was back again, and then realized it was a Northern Flicker!

Wish I could have gotten a photo of that Eastern blue bird! I seldom see them in my yard, and I didn't think they winter here! I thought they went south!

So that's what's been hopping at my birdfeeder this week. What's going on in your back yard?

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