Friday, March 25, 2016

High School Weekly Wrap Up

From the High School Lesson Book - March Link Party
We are finishing Week 25 of our 36 week school year. Our local area public schools start their Spring Break today (or yesterday...), but we took our week's break last week with the Community College schedule.

1. ENGL 101 is going well for "Miner". The week he got a grade back on last Friday's assignment (B), took a timed essay test in class (90 minutes over 2 classes), finished definition essay, and today missed the class in which they discussed compare/contrast essay, because...

2. Today "Miner" got "debraced"!

3. Academics: Still getting in Bible readings, although not always daily. Dropped Spanish I, as Miner was struggling with it. Difficult for me to help him with it, since I don't speak it even as well as he does. Opted to have him take it at Community College for dual enrollment in a future semester. History had stalled for awhile but is back on track. Algebra 2 has been going very slowly, as our tutor has been out of town. Chemistry had also been stalled but seems to be back to "up and running". I opted to drop the "Lab" portion. He needs three sciences but only two need to have labs. He will take science with a lab through dual enrollment in a future semester. We are working on Music Appreciation, a product review I will tell you about below, and we will be doing some Art soon, another product review. Miner is on track to get his required 1/2 credit in Physical Education, but is currently on the sideline after some much needed help for some ingrown toe nails. Not much driving lately -- Driver's Ed in June probably.

4. Extra Curricular: Miner went on youth retreat to "Planet Wisdom" three weeks ago. Two weeks ago he marched in the local St. Patrick's Day Parade with Civil Air Patrol. Almost two weeks ago he got his last required Boy Scout merit badge signed off. All he needs now is to get an Eagle Project done, do paper work, and he will be Eagle rank. In CAP he is working on a rocketry badge and is working to pass an on-line test he needs to get done to earn the badge (in addition to the rockets he has been building and launching with the group).

5. Upcoming Product Reviews:
I didn't think I'd qualify for many reviews this year, but lately I've been selected for a lot of the upcoming reviews. I am already working on:
  • Homeschool Diploma Company (so cool!)
  • Zeezok Music Appreciation Course 
Products I am anxiously anticipating the arrival of so I can use and review:

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Yay for no more braces! My middle son has them and can not wait to have them taken off... unfortunately he's got several more years to go.

  2. Great smile after the debracing!! :-D Looks like we're on several of the same reviews. So glad you linked up at the High School Lesson Book!