Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week in Review: High School Happenings

Weekly Wrap-Up
Want to update, but just occurred to me how bland this post might be -- I didn't take many photos this week. ::Sigh:: It is what it is. Here goes.
This topic is supposed to be my Friday Wrap Up topic, but I end up writing it at other times during the week. Guess I could try to work on that...
My final student is mid-way through his Sophomore year of high school. (The earlier students are now 29 and 26!) "Miner" has been taking this year:
  • Bible survey;
  • Algebra 2;
  • Chemistry;
  • Spanish 1;
  • English 10 (Literature and Composition); and
  • American History and Government 1
In addition he has been getting in some driving education and some physical training, although he hasn't been keeping track enough to count the 1/2 credit he is supposed to clock on his transcript for high school.
Is there a subject that we don't feel we are behind in? Well, no, there's not.
On the other hand, is there anything this year to be encouraged about? Well, actually, yes there is!
  • In Bible, we've done a better job at being consistent in our scheduled daily readings;
  • In Algebra 2, rather than push on through when the student doesn't understand a subject, we've slowed down and conquered each topic (except word problems) before we pushed on to new material;
  • In Chemistry, although behind, nevertheless we are getting material covered and getting experiments conducted as we should.
  • In Spanish, after switching from BJU Spanish (total fail for our situation) to Middlebury Languages, my son has diligently progressed (although slower than we would have liked) and is learning Spanish.
  • In English 10: Literature and Composition we are diligently plugging away at A Tale of Two Cities and The Travels of Gulliver. My son has turned in an admirable collection of compositions. He took the Accuplacer test at the local community college and placed "college ready" in English skills and Reading. We decided to have him try a college course and signed him up for ENGL 101, and he attended his first class yesterday. 
  • For American History & Government 1, we finished up Tapestry of Grace Year 2 and transitioned to trying out the Compass Classroom American History 1 course, which we are in week 2 of. 
In every area, including my Apologia Ultimate Lesson Planner, we have done a better job of recording what we are doing and having documentation to show what is being done. Documentation is not my strength but is important 1) in a state where your educational portfolio must be reviewed annually, and 2) as you prepare transcripts and determine grades that you can in some way validate for submitting to colleges the student applies to.
Highlights since my last review:
  • We survived "Snowzilla", and did not miss six school days like the public schools here did.
  • The Student, wearing his Boy Scout hat, there was a Court of Honor where "Miner" received three Eagle-required merit badges. No photo: I got separated from my phone before the COH started! Then, days later, the Life Scout finished project work on his last required merit badge for Eagle. No photos available; a bathroom was painted with a bland "egg shell" paint; doesn't photograph well.  Now all that he needs is to select and accomplish an Eagle Project, and then the Eagle award is just paperwork and Reviews from reality.
  • Wearing Civil Air Patrol BDUs (Basic Dress Uniform), the Student/cadet visited NASA/Goddard with his squadron where rockets were launched (rockets made by the cadets who are working on a rocketry project or award of some sort). No photos; I didn't go.
  • College course registered for: tuition paid; student ID acquired; books purchased.
  • A cell phone long promised to The Student was finally acquired to make life easier for all of us.
  • Miner attended his first college class yesterday. No photos; didn't occur to me.
Well, I'll try to post a homeschool update again in a week, maybe Friday of next week this time!

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  1. We're in a similar spot - we seem to be behind in most subjects, and yet there's lots of reason to be encouraged! Hang in there!! :-)