Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-Up
Battling distraction all week in our home. Better week than last.
  • Regular Bible readings;
  • Regular Algebra work;
  • Regular Chemistry work;
  • Regular Spanish work;
  • Regular History and Biography readings;
  • Literature not as regular as preferred; no grammar; we'll see about writing assignment;
  • student got some driving time in;
  • student is resisting time that should be devoted to Phys Ed.
The "Regular"s weren't perfect, but acceptable. Signs of improvement. And mom made review blog post deadlines on time. Dinner was on the table every night, 

even if one night it was pizza instead of the planned meal. Boy Scouts; Civil Air Patrol; 

Company. The laundry was washed; the floor was swept; the dishes maintained, some leaves got raked.
(All these seem to undo themselves in mere minutes.) Give-away bags got out in time for the charity pick up. Some general house cleaning is needed, tho.

So how did your week go? 

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