Monday, September 28, 2015

Menu Monday for 9/28/15

Menu Plan Monday for the week of Sept 28/15. Recipe links and menu planning inspiration!!
Here is my dinner meal plan for this week. Not strong on vegan suggestions; reality is that I'm busy with school right now, and my carnivore training makes carni meals easier to come up with quickly. I ate the beef chili last night, but tonight's corn chowder will be made with almond milk. Other nights I often just don't eat the meat but don't focus on my day's protein intake, which isn't good either. ::sigh:: Just a busy time for me, and vegan cooking is very time-consuming (as is parallel cooking - vegan AND carnivore on any given night).

Sunday (9/27) (afternoon youth group):  
Chili, corn bread

Monday (9/28)(Evening adult & youth Mtgs.):
Corn chowder, pumpkin muffins, salad

Tuesday (9/29)(Evening adult appointment):

Wednesday (9/30):
Stove top barbecue chicken, noodles, broccoli

Thursday 10/1(Evening youth meeting):
Corned Beef & Cabbage, potatoes

Friday (10/2) (Evening adult meeting):
Leftovers (or hot dogs, rolls, beans, potato chips)

Saturday (10/3):  
Date night: dinner out


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